Wine, Alcohol, and Headaches

You had a fun social evening drinking wine and the next day you woke up with a nagging headache. Is this a hangover headache or it is caused by some ingredient or chemical present in the wine? If you care to ask yourself, “How much wine did you drink, how much alcohol was present in it?” Most new world wines, for example, California wines or even any hot climate wines tend to have higher alcohol (14% abv or higher) and you had too many glasses in a short time period, you didn’t have enough water (to hydrate) and food, particularly, high protein and fat based pairing to slow down the alcohol metabolism you are most likely to have a hangover-headache and other related symptoms. Remember, alcohol can dehydrate your brain and body rather quickly and remove the oxygen from the cells leading you to pass out! Practice moderation and conscious consumption! Enjoy your evening by taking the time to swirl, sniff, and sip. Enjoy the wine and conversations while giving ample time to your body to metabolize the alcohol. Drink plenty of water and pair some good food. Be mindful! You are less likely to wake up with a hangover-headache.